Body Fuel Ecdysterone


This product is simple containing Ecdysterone which is a natural steroid. This compound creates ultimate muscle. Provide such an environment in body that your muscle grow faster. Maintain positive nitrogen balance and increase protein synthesis.

  • Improve body muscle and performance.
  • Provide strength and power
  • Maintain positive nitrogen balance


This product not only keeps you on right track but also keeps your body hydrated all the time. Your muscle requirement is fulfilled by this product when you combine it with your workouts.

  • Give strength to your organs
  • Build up stamina
  • Reduces fatigue.


It promotes a positive nitrogen balance and maintains rate of protein provided synthesis giving your muscle fast repair and has been seen that proper amount of Ecdyterone increases your lean muscle more and faster and also decrease your fat.


1: L-argine alpha
2: keto glutarate
3: Dicalcium pohsphate


In order to maximize its effect it is recommended by experts that you should take 3 tablets 3 times a day regularly. It’s best to take it before your meals on empty stomach.


You are so lucky that this product has 60 days money back guarantee offered by manufacturer. It’s a golden chance for you to take what will give you instant results so order now and take maximum benefits out of this opportunity.