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ANA-GH is a new formula that replaces Anadral (Anadrol). It is an incredibly effective supplement for promoting weight gain, and gaining strength.

  • Create more lean muscle
  • Increase the intensity of your workouts
  • Reduce overall body fat percentage
  • Recover quicker


ANA-GH is a favorite bulking compound used by elite power lifters, it is highly effective in promoting extensive gains in body mass by greatly improving protein synthesis.

  • Promotes muscle gain
  • Gain Incredible Strength
  • Increases Appetite
  • Jumpstarts bulking cycles

Additional information

How it Works?

ANA-GH helps you overcome the natural obstacles of building more muscle. ANA-GH will boost your growth hormone production levels, in addition to giving you additional strength and natural muscle lubrication.

It will feed your muscles with growth factors that will result in bulking and muscle gaining. ANA-GH contains special Growth Hormone ingredients, including a substance that is naturally produced in your body and serves as a building block for healthy joints, cartilage, and bone – thus acting as a natural lubricant to your joints and muscles.


ANA-GH also has many other ingredients and a proprietary blend that will work to get you the best results possible. Some of the ingredients used in Ana-GH include the following:

1. L-Arginine – 400mg
2. L-Valine – 750mg
3. L-Leucine – 1500mg
4. L-Isoleucine – 750mg
5. L-Arginine – 400mg
6. L-Alanine – 200mg
7. L- Cysteine
8. Horney Goat Weed
9. Acetyle-L-Carnitine – 400mg

The new bodybulding pill also includes “L-Arginine”, which is a common amino acid that helps in the healing of wounds, improves immune function, and the release of hormones.

Side Effects

Ana-GH is a safe alternative for anadrol 50 and can help you bulk up with pounds of lean and hard muscle without any negative side effects.

How to Take?

Take eight capsules daily. May be taken 4 in the AM and 4 in the PM, or all at once once time per day.

Customer's Review

I have a really tough time gaining weight because of my high metabolism. I am 120lbs and about 5'11…I really need professional advice on what the best weight gainer/muscle gain product for me is.

Marty, USA