It’s packed with a massive 26+ grams of fast-acting protein and it is full of amino acid. It is developed to gain strength and maintain quality.it gives you everything that you need carbohydrates nutritious etc. full fill your requirement keeps you active all the time

  • Provide energy to your muscle fibers
  • Gives proper tone to your body
  • Promotes muscle growth


This is the best product so far. It is developed with care from experts and nutritionists and took two years in the making. This product 612 protein contains high amount of blend protein. Provide nutrient to your body to nourish muscle and overall growth. Give you healthy weight to maintain your physique.

  • Improve body muscle and performance.
  • Gives proper tone to your body.
  • Provide endurance to your muscle and brain


The ingredient involve in this product perfectly do their job when enter your body.it has whey protein isolate which is fastest digesting protein. This protein gives you fast results. It’s virtually fat free; make it excellent for maintaining low body fat.it is the purest you can get. Also whey protein concentrate is there which the most popular sports supplement in the world. Also has milk protein concentrate and fibersol-2 which soluble fiber and deals with your brain activity. All in all, best product for you.


1: WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) – the Sprinter
2: WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) – the Utility Player
3: MPC (Milk Protein Concentrate) Long-distance Runner


Add 150-250ml water into shaker. Then add 25g, shake and consume. Use 2-3 time daily.
Overdose can affect you so don’t try that. For further details you can consult to a physician.


You are so lucky that this product has 60 days many back guarantee. You can purchase it with confidence; no risk no-hassle is there. Try it absolutely Risk-free for 60 days. Why wait try it now.