Tips To Improve Your Pre-Workout Meal

The importance of pre-workout meal cannot be underestimated for it works as a source of fuel your body needs for the coming drive ahead! At times, it is observed that bodybuilders pay more focus towards the post-workout meals and almost, overlook the significance of pre-workout meal. However, this is exactly where they go wrong! Meal that has been consumed before the workout is equally important than the meal you consume after your workouts.

People, who intend to pack on muscles, must simply avoid training in a fasting condition. Remember, your body needs fuel to work and cope up the pressure it goes through, throughout the day! Supplying sufficient level of fuel before starting your workout will give your body the power and energy it needs to perform like the way you desire.

As we know, energy and stamina is something that is greatly needed at the time of workout, therefore, taking the right kind of pre-workout meal will work to bump up your strength levels, for you to last longer in the gym!

Considering the need, we have come up with some very important tips that can help you make your pre workout meals more worth! So, have a look to these:

1: First of all, it is important that you maintain a gap of at least 30 to 90 minutes in between your pre workout meals and workout. The meal will prepare your body to cope up with the pressure coming ahead. Remember, eating too much or overloading your body with food is not a good idea. Eat in moderation. If you think you have consume enough, then avoid going gym feeling full. Take a break for 90 minutes before you start with your training session. However, if you have taken small snack, then your body will get ready to do the action after 30 minutes or so!

2: Remember, the meal you aim to consume prior to your training has to be low in fat. This means that the amount of fat in your pre-workout meal should be less than 15g. Want to know why? Well because fat tends to be a macronutrient that actually makes the digestion process long. Of course, this is something you cannot ‘afford’ at this moment for you aim your pre-workout meal to act as the source of fuel. Therefore, your body requires nutrients that can fasten up the digestion process and can enter your bloodstream at the earliest!

3: Even though, fiber is of great importance, when it comes to healthy eating. Though, taking fiber in your pre-workout meal is not good choice. It is a kind of carbohydrate that slows down the process of digestion, depriving you with the needed nutrients your body, particularly your muscles need to get started!

4: Our muscles need protein to grow, develop and repair. Protein is the nutrient that is more like a basic necessity for the body of a bodybuilder. Therefore, adding protein in your pre-workout deal is very important. Taking 30 grams of this vital nutrient through your pre-workout meal will supply the amount of amino acids your muscles need to repair and rebuild. Not just this, but this will also prove to be a good approach in the prevention of muscle breakdown.

5: For pre workout meals, carb sources are ideal for these take least time to digest. If asked, I would suggest you to take white rice, dextrose, potatoes, white bread etc. Interestingly, protein that has been taken through the meal is encouraged by carbohydrates to enter into the system speedily. Not just this, carbohydrates provide instant shot of energy to your muscles, something that is greatly needed by the muscles.

6: People who have a sensitive stomach must go for something light in the pre-workout meal. Ideally, they can take 1 banana with a single scoop of protein. Remember, something is better than going for ‘nothing’. In cases like these, banana with protein is sufficient enough to supply the required nutrients to your system.

7: People who cannot digest food that easy can go for a probiotics supplement. A supplement like this can help you digest the food more speedily and easily. Remember, your pre-workout meal has to be digested before you start with your training session. Only by this, your body will rightly utilize the nutrients you have supplied, during the workouts.

So, these were some pieces of advices for you to improve your pre-workout meals. Hope these will help.

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