Foods to Gain Weight & Increase Muscle Mass Fast

Your Diet Is A Bank Account. Good Food Choices Are Good Investments…

This article is all about those foods that can help you gain weight and build muscle mass so you can improve your muscles with the natural and easy method. The foods can help in converting the stored fat into muscles, so you step into the gym to get the desired body shape.

The food makes it very easy to build your body in a natural and easy way, because you do not have to take additional nutrition through high dose products, and you will get the similar results, but in a natural way.

Following are some foods that can help in gaining weight to increase the muscle mass quickly and effectively.

Cereals & Bread

The body needs complex carbohydrates to gain weight, which contain bagel, which provides will energy to the body. It works by providing 150 or more calories to the body with only using 3 inches of the bagel. For health conscious people, they will need to use whole grain bagel for better health care. You can use breads as well, and a single slice of bread can provide 70 calories to the person, which can be improved with the use of bagel and a topping of fruits, which will not only improve the taste but also will provide more nutrition to the body.



A single cup of pasta can provide 220 calories, which is a great way to gain weight, because it provides huge number of carbohydrates to the body. you can use grain pasta for better health, and you can also increase the nutrition by adding shredded cheese & marinara sauce to it. it will help you gain weight in a most effective way, so you can convert the weight into fats in the gym.

Dry Fruits

Different dry fruits have different number of calories in each cup, which is why you must know which dried fruit can provide how much quantity of calories. if we take raising as an example, you will get 220 calories per cup, while from fresh grapes, you will get 60 calories. There are other sources of dry fruits that can provide enough nutrition and calories, and which are very healthy to gain mass are, berries, apricots and dried cranberries. All these foods are easy to consume and provides the desired results without offering any side effect!

Olive Oil

Along with the intake of foods that contain fats, oils also play an important role in providing fat to the body, and the best one among them is olive oil. It is the best known oil because it has monosaturated fatty acids, which are great for providing huge number of calories without causing any heart problems.

There are some other oils like Canola oil, which can provide Omega 3 fatty acids, which help in improving your cooking. Better Still Walnut oil or Grape Seed oil are also good for dressing of your salads, for getting more calories.


An Avocado contains monosaturated fatty acids, Vitamin K, Potassium & Fibers, and it can provide about 220 calories, so it is a great source for getting great number of calories. You can increase it with different foods like, sandwich filling, guacamole, tortilla chips, burritos & tacos, etc.

Seeds & Nuts

You can put on weight by using seeds and nuts because these are the source of healthy calories and polyunsaturated fats. Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds & Sunflower seeds are the most favorite and effective choice for you. Pecans, Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, etc are the best nut choice, which can help you gain your weight in a very easy way.


You do not have to buy Granolas for yourself, as you can make it at home easily. You only need Whole Grain Cereals, Seeds, Nuts, and Dried Fruits, and combine them in a jar and seal in. Let it stay in the fridge for a night and the next day, you can have it for your breakfast. You can add flavors like Chocolate Chunks or Peanut Butter Chips to enjoy it anytime you want to, and you can also carry them with yourself by using a little container.

Protein Bars

These are available at the local grocery stores, so you can get them and use them to put on extra weight by just eating them. Majority does not like to use it, but if you want to gain weight quickly, you can use them, as they are very handy and easy to consume.

Fruit Juices

Yes, you can gain weight by using 100% pure fruit juice, which will provide you increased number of calories. You must avoid using high fructose corn syrup juices, which has artificial flavors, and the vegetable juices must also be avoided, as they do not help in losing weight at all.